Cloud Services

You know it and we know it.
Your organization’s needs change constantly.

This could be due to internal growth, outside regulatory rules or even your own desire to improve operational and reporting efficiency.

Private Cloud Hosting

Keeping your data secure and accessible 24/7 means keeping the required infrastructure up and running without interruption.

Even for small organizations, data storage is no small undertaking. Hardware and software have to be installed, maintained and updated frequently which costs time, attention and money. Private cloud hosting lets you turn the job over to CPAz and rest easy, knowing your data is completely safe and at your fingertips when you need it.

Why Cloud Hosting?

“The cloud” refers to a cluster of servers, storage, and other networking infrastructure that work together to make your life easier. The resources that support your applications are distributed across multiple servers and rendered on an as-needed basis. This means a lot less downtime if a server malfunctions—typically none at all. And with multiple servers available to share the work, you can tap additional bandwidth only when you need it to manage peak loads more efficiently.

Why CPAz?

15 Years of Experience, Passionate Support Team

Where Do We Start?

CPAz’s cloud hosting is available with flexible pricing to ensure you get the scale of service you need, no more and no less. The Cloud Account gives you access to our complete cloud platform. Want to get the critical maintenance tasks off your IT team’s plate? Select the Managed Cloud Account and we’ll take care of all patching, monitoring and configurations. And all accounts are backed by the same great support you know and expect from CPAz.